Capital to country quiz


Which country does the capital city ‘Paris’ belong to? If you chose ‘France’. You are right. Capital to Country Quiz tells you the city, and you have to guess the country. Its the best way to memorize capital cities of the world.

  • Learn about the world while you play.
  • Complete offline play. No need for internet to play.
  • Use hints like map, flag, neighbour countries or other cities to find the right answer.
  • Play at your own pace, no locked levels. No game overs.
  • Use hints to research. Get free daily coins for hints.
  • Great to enforce learning by researching first rather than wild guessing.

Test and improve your capital cities knowledge with this trivia game. This educational game will keep you busy during little break times. 240 capital cities need you to find their countries. Train your geography knowledge with this app. Are you ready for this useful game? Questions are in multiple choice format. Select the right answer to get extra coins. No typing involved. Get hints like map of the country, name of the neighbour countries, name of other major cities, the continent the country is in.

Its time you test your geography knowledge.

240 countries to conquer.

Choose the right answer. Don’t guess.

Get help. Get Hints.

Can you guess the country with a flag hint?

How about if you knew the neighbour countries?

Or some other popular cities of that country?

Capital Cities to Country Quiz for android

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