Transit Live App series

Transit Live series apps on Google Play Store empowers smartphone users with real time public transit schedule. Never miss the bus, You will know exactly when the bus is coming at any stop in seconds.

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  • Use search to find any stop or route instantly.
  • Find when the bus is coming at particular stop for particular route.
  • Find all the buses coming at a particular stop.
  • Find bus information by selecting a stop on the map.
  • Alarm when you reach destination.
  • Save favorite stops or routes.
  • Live location of bus on map.
  • Uses arrival predictions as provided by Nextbus.

Apps are available for the following transits

AC Transit Live

CCNY Shuttle Live


Chapel Hill Transit Live

Charles River EZRide

Charm City Circulator Live

City of Oxford OUT Transit

CollegeTown Shuttle Live

CyRide Live

DC Circulator Live

Dumbarton Express Live

ECU Transit Live

Emery Go Round Live

Fairfax Transit

Foothill Transit

Georgia College Shuttle Live

Glendale Beeline Live

GMU Shuttle Live

Gold Coast Transit Live

Howard and CMRT Live

LA Metro Rail

LA Metro Transit Live

Lasell College Shuttle Live

Loyola Shuttle

MBTA The T Live

MIT Shuttle Live

Moorpark City Transit Live


NCTD Transit Live

NY Downtown Connection Live

NYC MTA Bronx Live

NYC MTA Brooklyn

NYC MTA Staten Island

Omni Trans Live

Palos Verdes Transit Live

PGC The Bus Live

Portland Streetcar

Radford Transit Live

Roosevelt Island Live

RTC Ride Live

Rutgers Newark Transit Live

Rutgers Shuttle Live

Seattle Streetcar Live

Simi Valley Transit Live

STL Laval Transit

STS Sherbrooke Transit Live

Thousand Oaks Transit Live

Thunderbay Transit Live

TTC Toronto Transit Live

UCSF Shuttle Live

UMD Shuttle

UMN Twin Shuttle Live


VCTC Vista Live

Wildcat Transit UNH

WKU Shuttle Live

York College PA Shuttle

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